Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Advantage & Disadvantage of JIT System

Advantage of JIT
  1. Reduced inventory levels & manufacturing lead times
  2. Overall better quality of whatever is produced
  3. Less finishing good sitting
  4. Encouragement of workers participation in problem solving
  5. Less scrap & less raw material, less work in process inventory

Disadvantage of JIT

  1. Not able to meet any unforeseen demand
  2. Needs establishment of long term business partnership with suppliers
  3. High risk is involved due to short term planning & a minimum level of inventory
  4. Suppliers of input materials need to be educated about the quality by the customers /company
Characteristics of JIT

  1. Pull system
  2. Quality
  3. Small lot size
  4. Quick setups
  5. Production smoothing
  6. Suppliers
  7. Kanban card
Waste which is identified by Toyota Motor
  1. Waste of motion
  2. Waste of waiting
  3. Waste of stocks
  4. Waste of overproduction
  5. Waste of transportation
  6. Waste of processing itself
  7. Waste of making defective products
Definition of JIT
_____________________JIT is a Japanese production management philosophy which has been applied in practice since the early 1990s in many Japanese manufacturing organizations.

Definition of JIT production
___________________________JIT Production is defined as ''Philosophy that focuses attention on eliminating waste by purchasing or manufacturing just enough of the right items just in time''


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