Saturday, December 12, 2015

TQM-Total Quality Mangement


- "Quality is conformance to requirements "

Management :-
- Act , art, or manner of handling ,controlling ,directing,etc.

- Made up of the whole

Total Quality Mangement:-

- This is an art of managing the whole to achieve excellence.
- TQM deals with the product in its totality.
-TQM is defined as both a philosophy and a set of guiding principles that represent
               the foundation of a continuously improving organizational.
- It has been realised that inspection alone can not build quality into a product unless  
        quality has been designed and manufactured into it.

Changing Quality Concept :-
Changing Quality Concept due to

       1. Functional efficiency
       2. Reliability
       3. Maintainability
       4. Running & maintenance cost
       5. Safety

Evolution Of Quality Control:-

   The evolution steps are as follow:

                  1. Craftsmanship
                  2. Supervisor's Control
                  3. Inspection
                  4. Statistical quality control 
                ------The concept of quality control is not new. It is taken from the stone age.
                In present day stone age man was assessing the quality of the tool which had manufactured , by comparing it with his mental picture of a good tool.

By:- Engineer Ram Babu

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