Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fluid , Fluid Properties & Classification

》Fluid is a substance that flows under the action of shearing forces
》If a fluid is at rest, then forces on it are in balance.
》A gas is a fluid that is easily compressed. It fills any vessel in which it is contained.
》A liquid is a fluid which is hard to compress.

》It is force per unit area , where force is perpendicular to the area.
1. Mass density:-
》It is mass per unit volume.
2. Specific weight :-
》It is weight of fluid per unit volume.
3. Specific volume :-
》 It is defined as volume per unit mass.
4. Specific gravity:- 
》It is defined as the ratio of weight density (or density) of a fluid to the weight density (or density) of standard fluid.
》The standard liquid is water & standard gas is air.
》It is a dimensional quantity.

5. Viscosity - Dynamic viscosity:-
It is defined as the property of fluid which offers resistance to the movement of one layer of fluid over another adjacent layer of the fluid.
6. Kinematic viscosity :-
It is the ratio of two physical properties of fluid.
》It is defined as the ratio between the dynamic viscosity & density of a fluid.

1. Ideal fluid
2. Real fluid
3. Newtonian fluid
4. Non - Newtonian fluid
5. Ideal plastic fluid


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