Thursday, February 18, 2016


PayPal cuts off another unblocking service amid Netflix crackdown


 PayPal is no longer processing payments for customers with unblocking companies Unblock-Us and UnoTelly, which allow unfettered access to Netflix.

Another volley has been fired in the battle to stop Netflix viewers from sneaking across virtual borders.
CBC News has learned that the online payment service PayPal has cut ties with another major unblocking company — Barbados-based Unblock-Us. Its customers can no longer make payments using PayPal.
Earlier this month, it was also revealed that U.S.-based PayPal had cut off Toronto unblocking company UnoTelly.
For a fee, unblocking companies give viewers the technology needed to hop virtual borders and stream shows and movies restricted to other countries.
PayPal's actions follow Netflix's declaration on Jan. 14 that the streaming service was cracking down on customers who hop borders to watch content.
Soon after, numerous Unblock-Us subscribers began complaining online that they could no longer access Netflix outside their region.
Some customers also started asking why their PayPal payments weren't going through.
"PayPal tells me there's problems with your account so I can't pay you!" tweeted a customer to the company on Jan. 29.
"My PayPal subscription with you just got cancelled after several days trying to pay," complained another customer on Feb. 2.
It appears Unblock-Us did not publicly acknowledge there was a problem until Feb. 10, when it tweeted, "We can no longer accept PayPal. We do accept all major debit/credit cards though."
The unblocking company did not respond to CBC News's numerous requests for comment.


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