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List of Automobile Industries in Delhi NCR

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ASK Automotive (Italy) Gurgaon (brake shoes)Abishek Autos (Japan) Delhi (components)
Air Liquid India (France) Delhi (exhaust systems)
Aksh Optifibre Limited (Manesar)
Allied Nippon (Japan) Delhi (brakes)
Alpha Toyo (Japan) Faridabad (handle bars, switches)
Amtek (UK, Japan) Delhi , Manesar (connecting rods)
Ample Auto, Gurgaon
Ampress Sheet Metal (South Korea) Delhi (components)
Anand Motors Products (USA) Delhi and Gurgaon (components)
Anika Norma Automobiles (Estonia) Delhi (seat belt)
Anand Nishikawa (Japan) Delhi, Gurgaon Udyog Vihar Phase 1 (rubber parts)
Anand Gates India (USA) Delhi (coolant)
Anu Autos Industries (France, South Korea) Gurgaon (locking systems)
Asahi India (Japan) Delhi (safety glass)
Aisin Seiki (Japan) Delhi (hinges, locks)
Apollo Tyres Gurgaon
Arvin Industries) Gurgaon (filter)
Automotive Wiring Systems (Germany, Leonische Drahtwirke AG) Delhi (components)
Automotive Acoustic Insulat (Germany, HP Chemie Peizer) Delhi (trim parts)
Auto Tension (Germany, Stumpp und Schuele) Delhi (springs)
Axo-Scintex Delhi (horns)
Bajaj Peizer (Germany, Chemie Peizer) Noida (insulation)
Benad Amtex (Japan) Delhi (fly wheel)
Bharat Seats (Japan) Haryana (seats)
BMW (Gurgaon, only HQ)
Boramtek Delhi (components)
Bosch Chassis Manesar
Bosch (Germany) Gurgaon (pumps)
BTR Wadco Automotives (Japan) Delhi (sealing systems)
Bharat Steel Tubes (USA) Delhi (wheel rims)
Brakwel Automotive Components (Japan) Noida (clutches)
Britax Motherson (UK) Noida (rear mirrors)
BRT Motherson (UK) Noida (moulded components)
Brytax Auto Industries (Taiwan) Delhi (lights)
Caparo Maruti (UK) Gurgaon (sheet metal)
Claas Tracktors Faridabad
Climax Overseas Manesar
Clutch Auto (Italy, Automotive Products Italia spa) Delhi (clutches)
Consolidate Radiators (Canada/USA) Delhi (radiators)
Continental, Gurgaon
D.I. Filter Systems (USA, Donaldson Company) Gurgaon (air filters)
Deadong Gurgaon (cables)
Delphi Automotives (USA) Gurgaon (steering systems, wiring harness)
Denso Haryana (Italy, Japan) Delhi (injections)
Denso India (Japan) Delhi (starter motors)
Deepak Industries (UK) Faridabad (steering gears)
Donaldson Company Gurgaon (air filters)
Eagle Picture) Faridabad (rubber hose)
Echlin India (USA) Haryana (brakes)
Eicher Faridabad
Escorts Mahle (Germany) Delhi (pistons)
Escorts Herion (Germany) Delhi (hydraulic cylinders)
Execy Cheekay (Japan) Noida (clutch disk)
FCC Rico (Japan) Gurgaon (clutch assembly)
Ferodo (UK) Gurgaon (brakes)
Fiem Sung San (South Korea) Delhi (lights)
Fine Mobile Parts (Japan, Mitsubishi) Delhi (disk brake pads)
Flash Transval (France) Delhi (spark plugs)
Gateway Rail Freight Pvt. Ltd.
Gabriel India Ltd. Gurgaon
GKN Invel Transmissions (Germany) Delhi (front axle assembly)
GT Exhaust India (UK) Delhi (exhaust systems)
Gegarg Gears Delhi (gears)
Gitanjali Enterprises (USA, Khanna Cars) Delhi (washing system)
Goetz (Germany) Delhi (piston rings)
Goodyear (Faridabad)
Graziano Transmissions (Italy) Delhi (transmissions)
Grobain Delhi (automotive glass)
Gupta Machine Tools (South Korea, Li-Tech corp.) Faridabad (halogene lamps)
Henkel Teroson (Germany) Gurgaon (anti-freezing coolant)
Harig Crankshafts (Germany, Wilhelmus) Delhi (crankshafts)
Highway Cycles Industries (Japan, Honda) Gurgaon (piston for engines)
Hilton Roulunds (Denmark) Haryana (automotive belts)
Haryana Sheet Glass LTD (UK, Pilikington) Haryana (automotive glass)
Haryana DD Autos (Germany) Haryana (shafts)
Haryana Deepey Autos (UK, Woodhead) Gurgaon (shock absorbers)
Hongo Phawa (Japan) Noida (components)
Hi-Tech Gears (Japan, USA, Gegarg Gears) Delhi (gears)
Hella (Germany) Faridabad (lamps)
Horizon Industrial Products (Germany, E.A. Storz) Delhi (sheet metal parts)
Imperial Auto Industries (USA, Gates Rubber, UK, Eagle Picture) Faridabad (rubber hose)
IST (Switzerland, Ronda) Delhi (precision parts)
Ikeil Metals (South Korea) Delhi (aluminium diecastings)
Jagan Litech Lamps (South Korea) Delhi (halogene lamps)
Jaina Casts (Germany, Motometers) Faridabad (dash board instruments)
Jay Bharat Maruti (Japan) Gurgaon (pipes)
JBM Sung Hoo (South Korea) Delhi (components)
JBM Group Gurgaon
JMA Industries (Germany, Hella) Faridabad (lamps)
Jay-Yusin (Japan) Gurgaon (door latch)
Jay Industries (South Korea, Boramtek) Delhi (components)
Johnson Matthey (UK) Gurgaon (catalysts)
Johnson Matthey Manesar
JNS Instruments (Japan) Gurgaon (instruments)
Kiekert Germany Faridabad (locking system)
Korin India (South Korea) Delhi (rear axle assembly)
Krishna Maruti (Japan) Gurgaon (seats)
Krishna Toyo (Japan) Gurgaon (rear mirrors)
Lakhani Rubber Works (Germany, Phoenix, Munderner Gummiwerke) Faridabad (fuel hoses)
Leonische Drahtwirke AG Delhi (components)
Life Spark Plugs (UK, smith industries) Delhi (spark plugs)
Li-Tech corp. Faridabad (halogene lamps)
Lumax Industries (France, Germany, Automotive Lighting Reutlingen, Valeo) Delhi (lighting)
Lumax GSHP (USA) Gurgaon (transmission)
Laser Lamp (South Korea, Il Lee corp.) Delhi/Haryana (halogene lamps)
Machino Polymers (Montell int.) Gurgaon (compound cables)
Machino TSK Nippon Cables (Japan) Gurgaon (cables)
Machino Basell (Netherlands) Gurgaon (polypropylene)
Maharashtra Glass and Agro (France, Grobain) Delhi (automotive glass)
Madhusudan Nippon (Japan, Korea, Deadong) Gurgaon (cables)
Makino Auto Industries (Japan) Delhi (clutch plates)
Mag Wheel (UK, Two Gates Wheels) Delhi (alloy wheels)
Mahle Delhi (transmission shafts)
Mando Delhi (steering systems)
Manu Auto, Manesar
Mark Auto Industries (Italy, Germany, FBN Italy, Roth Abgastechnologie) Gurgaon (exhaust systems)
Matsuda Delhi (forged components)
Matthey Finance (Netherlands) Delhi (catalyc converters)
Metro Tyers Gurgaon
Mik Funiama (Japan, iic) Faridabad (ignition systems)
Minda Industries (Italy, Seima Italiana spa, France, Axo-Scintex) Delhi (horns)
Minda Huf (Italy, autotechnica) Delhi (security systems)
Minda Huf (Germany) Noida (locks, ignition switch)
Mindarika (Japan) Gurgaon (switches)
Mitsubishi Delhi (disk brake pads)
Mitsubishi Electric Automotive (Japan) Delhi (electric control units)
M and M Auto Industries Gurgaon (springs)
Montell int. Gurgaon (compound cables)
Morirku (Japan) Delhi (plastic components)
Munjal Showa (Japan) Gurgaon (shock absorbers)
Mothersons Sumi (Japan) Delhi (wiring harness)
Mothersons Elastomers (Germany, Woco) Noida (moulded compounds)
Mothersons Pudenz (Germany) Noida (fuses)
Motometers Faridabad (dash board instruments)
Mulitvac India (Germany, Benecke-Kaliko) Delhi (roof headliners)
MWP Migma (Germany, Mahle) Delhi (transmission shafts)
Nagata (Japan) Gurgaon (tools, dies)
Napino Auto and Electronics Manesar
Nelson Industries (USA) Delhi (engine parts)
Nikko Auto (Japan) Gurgaon (horns)
Nipa International Ltd. (lights)
Nippon Paint Gurgaon (paint)
Nisshin Steel (Faridabad)
Onassis Auto Ltd. (accessoirs)
Padmini (Electronics)
Panalfa Investment (Japan, hadsys) Delhi (air con)
Pearl Minerals (USA, lear seating) Delhi (seats)
Peizer Delhi (trim parts)
Pfeda Synthetics (Germany) Noida (arm rests, dash boards)
Phoenix, Munderner Gummiwerke Faridabad (fuel hoses)
Pilikington (UK) Gurgaon
Pranav Vikas (mauritius, sanden international) Delhi (heat exchange)
Purolator (USA, Arvin Industries) Gurgaon (filter)
Quiton Hazell Gurgaon (rods, joints, steering assembly)
Rane Clutch (Germany, UK lamellen) Delhi (components)
Rasandik Engineering (Japan, Yachiyo) Gurgaon (fuel tanks)
Rajesh Udyog (UK, Burman and Sons) Delhi (steering gear assembly)
Reinz Talbros (Germany, Reinz, Frenzelit) Delhi (locking system)
Rico Deawoo (Japan, South Korea) Noida (pumps)
Roloform Manesar
Roth Abgastechnologie Gurgaon (exhaust systems)
Sandhar Locking Devices (Japan, honda) Delhi (locking systems)
Sandhar Gurgaon
Sauer Danfoss, Gurgaon
Scania (busses)
Seima Italiana Spa, Delhi (horns)
Sharda Motors (South Korea, Sejong) Delhi (exhaust systems)
Shivani Locks (Kiekert Germany) Faridabad (locking system)
Siemens Intron Gurgaon
Sirmour Sudburg Auto (Germany, sudburg) Delhi (shock absorbers)
Simpson Industries (USA) Delhi (gears, precision parts)
Sona Cold Forging (Japan, Matsuda) Delhi (forged components)
Sono Koyo (Japan) Gurgaon (steering)
Sona Okegawa (Japan) Gurgaon (gears)
Sona Somic Lemforder (Japan/Germany) Gurgaon (ball point)
Spark Plugs India (USA, champion spark plugs) Delhi (spark plugs)
Spicer Heavy Axle Holding (USA) Delhi (truck axles)
SMK Steering (South Korea, Mando) Delhi (steering systems)
Steel Strips Wheels (Japan, ring techs) Delhi (wheel rims)
Steyr Faridabad
Stumpp und Schuele, Delhi
Subros (Japan, Denso) Delhi (ac systems)
Sunbeam Auto (Japan, Honda) Gurgaon (pistons)
Sun Steering Wheels (Japan, TS Tech) Gurgaon (steering wheels)
Sun Petri (Germany) Gurgaon (steering wheels)
Sunvisors (Germany, Happich) Delhi (components)
Suzuki (Japan) Motor-Bikes
Talbros (UK, Quiton Hazell) Gurgaon (rods, joints, steering assembly)
TS Tech Sun (Japan) Noida (door trims)
Two Gates Wheels) Delhi (alloy wheels)
Wilhelmus Delhi (crankshafts)
Woodhead Gurgaon (shock absorbers)
WSCP Manesar
Yamaha Faridabad

Image result for image of list of mechanical companies


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