Friday, March 4, 2016

Power Plant Engineering
Memory Based Question

 What are major sources of energy?
  1.  Fuels
  2. Energy stored in water
  3. Nuclear energy
  4. Wind power
  5. Solar energy
  6. Tidal power
  7. Geothermal energy
What are the gaseous types fuels?
  1. Natural gaes
  2. Petroleum gas
  3. Coal gas
  4. Producer gas
  5. Blast furnace gas
What is a chemical fuels?
 It is a substance which releases heat energy on combustion.

What do you mean by Rankine cycle?
It is the theoretical cycle on which the steam turbine works.

How can the Rankine cycle efficiency be improved?
  1. By increasing the average temperature at which heat is supplied.
  2. By decreasing or reducing the temperature at which heat is rejected.
What is load curve?
It is a graphic record showing the power demands for very instant during a certain time interval.

What is prime power?
It is the power which may be mechanical, hydraulic or thermal that is always available for conversion into electric power.

What do you mean by depreciation?
It accounts for the deterioration of the equipment and decrease in its value due to corrosion, weathering and wear and tear with use. It also covers the decrease in value of equivalent due to obsolescence.

What is incremental heat rate?
It is defined as  the amount of energy needed to generate an additional unit of output at any given load.

As the plant output decreases , the plant net heat rate increases , whereas the incremental heat are decreases.


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