Friday, December 25, 2015

Guarantee,Analysis of Claim & Others

The guarantee of quality is primarily meant to protect the customer , should be product purchased by him turn out of the defective.
A guarantee card has following term
1.       Period of validity
2.       Liability of the manufacturer
3.       Procedure of submitting guarantee claims
4.       Conditions which make the guarantee invalid

Quality Concept of Design
_____The quality concept of a product is concerned with the tightness of the specifications for manufacture of the product.
______A good quality of design must ensure consistent performance over its stipulated life span stated as rated output, efficiency, over load capacity for specified service.
______It must consider the possible modes of failure due to stress, wear, distortion, corrosion & vibration etc.
Factors affecting the quality of design:-
1.       Types of customer in the market
2.       Profit consideration
3.       Environmental condition
4.       Special requirements of the product
Evolution of quality control
Important steps in the evolution of quality control are:-
1.       Craftsmanship
2.       Supervisor’s control
3.       Inspection
4.       Statistical quality control
Necessity of product control during inspection
1.       Inspection area should be secure
2.       All stores coming or going out of inspection areas should be carry written authorization from the inspection section.
3.       Compartments should be arranged for keeping various categories of stores.


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