Monday, February 15, 2016


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Energy :- Energy can be defined as the capacity of to do work.
The study of various forms of energy and its conversion from one from to another is called energy science. The applied part of energy science useful to human beings is called the energy technology.

Indian and global energy source:- energy can be classified into following typesClick Now

1. Primary and secondary energy sources
2,. Commercial and non-commercial sources
3. Renewable and non-renewable energy sources

Sr. No. Primary Energy Sources Secondary Energy Sources
1 Primary energy sources are those which are found or stored in nature Secondary energy sources are usually converted from primary energy sources.
2 e.g. Coal, oil, natural gas and biomass like wood etc. e.g. the electricity sources copnverted from oil, natural gas or coal etc.
Sr. No. Commercial Energy Sources Non-commercial Energy Sources
1 Commercial energy sources are those which are available in the market and can purchased as a definite price from the producing agencies . Non-commercial energy sources are those which are not available in commercial market for a price. These are also called traditional fuels.
2 e.g. electricity, coal, oil etc. e.g. agro waste, animal dung etc.


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