Thursday, March 17, 2016

Memory Based Questions and Answers

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What are the sources of the energy?
>>The major sources of energy are :
  • Fuels
  • Energy stored in water
  • Nuclear energy
  • Wind power
  • Solar energy
  • Tidal power
  • Geothermal energy
Write 2 solids and 2 liquids types of fuels.
>>Solid types of fuels are:
  • Wood, and
  • Coke
>>Liquid type of fuel are
  • Petrolium, and
  • Gasoline
What are the Gaseous types fuels?
>>Following are gaseous types fuels:
  • Natural gas
  • Petrolium gas
  • Coal gas
  • Producer gas
  • Blast furnance gas
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What is chemical fuel?
>>It is a substance which releases heat energy on combustion. Example-Gasoline and Kersene

How does a chemical fuel differ from the nuclear fuel?
>>The chemical fuel is different from nuclear fuel in the sense that in combustion processes there is no possibility of emission of radioactive elements such as X-rays ,y-rays and any others radioactive elements. There is less care required while working with chemicals fuels.

What do you mean by Rankine cycle?
>>It is the theoretical cycle on which the same turbine works.

How can the Rankine cycle efficiency be improved ?
>>The Rankine cycle efficiency can be improved by :
  • Increasing the average temperature at which heat is supplied .
  • Decreasing or reducing the temperature at which heat is rejected.
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