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Production and Operation Managements

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 Historical Summary of Operations Managements

  • 1776
  • 1799

  • 1832 
  • 1900

  • 1900 

  • 1901 
  •  1915

  • Specification of labour in manufacturing
  • Interchangeable parts, cost accounting
  •  Division of labour by skill ; assignment of jobs by skill; basics of time study
  • Scientific managements ; time study and work study development; dividing planing and doing of work 

  •  Motion study of jobs 
  •  Scheduling techniques for employees, machines, job in manufacturing
  •  Economic lot size for inventory control
  • Adam Smith
  • Eill Whitney and others

  • Charles Babbage 
  • Frederick W. Tayler

  • Frank B. Gilbreth 

  • Hnery L. Gantt 
  • F.W. Harris

What is operations Managements?
 >> It is defined as the management of conversion process which converts land, labour, capital, and management input into the desired outputs of goods and services.

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Give the elements of operations managements.
>>The three important elements of operations managements are:
1. Customer demand
2. Operating system
3.Process capacity

Important aspects of operations managements:
>> The important aspects of operations managements are as follow :
1. Quality
2. Revenue
3. Value
4. Customers
5. Human Resources
6. System development
7. Flexibility
8. Integration of business processes, and
9. Information technology

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Define production
>>It is responsible for the physical production of the production or services as developed by the design and engineering division.

Define strategy.
>>It is defined as the determination of the basic long -term goals and objectives of an enterprise, and the adoption of courses of action and the allocation of resources necessary for carrying out these goals.
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 What is operations strategy?
>>It is the process of making appropriate decisions in the operations function on the basis of inputs from the corporate strategy.

What are the funtions of an organization?
>>A typical organization carries out of the following functions:
1. Planning
2. Design and engineering
4. Maintenance
5. Procurement of materials
6. Logistic management
7. Human resources managements
8. Finance
9. Accounting
10. Marketing

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Define supply chain.
>> It is the network of entities supplying components , raw materials and a host of services to an organization as well as those distributing the finished goods and the services of the organization to it's customers through alternative channels.

What is process management?
>>It is one of the several theories of classical management which emphasizes management as continuous process of planning, organizing, and controlling to influence the other's actions.

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Define Product design.
>>It is in its broadest sense includes, the whole development of the product through all the preliminary stages until actual manufacturing begins.

Characteristics of a good design:
>>The characteristics of a good design are as follows:
  1. Repairability
  2. Modular design
  3. Redesigning capability
  4. Miniaturization 
  5. Wires and tubing
  6. Design by computers
  7. Drawing and specification
  8. Warranties
  9. Relaiability
  10. Maintainability

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