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Operation Research
Objective Question

1.         The mathematical technique for finding the best use of limited resources in an optimum manner is called linear programming.
2.        The linear programming techniques can be applied successfully to industries like iron & steel, food processing, oil & chemical, banking.
3.        The graphical method to solve LPP is useful when there are only to decision variables, because more than  two coordinates are difficult to be represented on a graph paper.
4.       Fixed ratio is equal to Old row number in key column/ key number.
5.        The simplex method is the basic method for linear programming.
6.       Graphical method, simplex method & transportation method are concerned with linear programming.
7.        In simplex method of linear programming , the objective row of the matrix consists of coefficient of the objective function , which is the profit contribution per unit of each of the products.
8.       In linear programming shadow prices are value assigned to one unit of capacity
9.       In simplex method, if all the basic variables are greater than zero , the solution is called non-degenerate.
10.     In assignment model -----1.  degeneracy always present in all the problems,----2. Number of resources is equal to number of jobs,---3. Only one unit from the ith source can be assigned to any one of its destination
11.       Fulkerson’s rule is connected with numbering of event in PERT/CPM
12.      The optimality of a transportation problem is determined by the application of Modi Method.
13.      Optimality is reached when all index values are positive.
14.     LPP stand for Linear Programming Problem.
15.      A set of two or more vertices which belong to the network & may represent event, place, stage or a storage point is called node/vertice/points.
16.     The final | end | destination node is called sink node.
17.      For any network, value of the maximum flow from the source to sink is equal to the capacity of minimal cut.
18.     A collection of oriented branches such that every oriented path from source to sink contains atleast one branch in it , is a cut in a network.
19.     In a flow network ,arcs A & B only are directly connected with the sources & arcs P,Q,R are directly connected to the sink. The capacities of the arcs A,B,P,Q,R are as 70,50,30,40 & 20 respectively. The maximum flow through the network cannot exceed 90.

***Difference b/w PERT & CPM
__Time estimates are probabilistic
___Event oriented
___ Focused on time
___ More suitable for new projects 
______  PERT stand for Program Evaluation & Review Technique
____  Time estimate deterministic.
____ Activity oriented
___Focused on time-cost- trade-off
___ More suited for repetitive projects.
____CPM stand for Critical Path Method


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